I’m all about the panorama’s lately

Here is my newest panorama from PGE park in Portland. I checked out a sweet game of soccer there tonight with the Portland Timbers. It was my first semi-pro soccer experience and I can say that it definitely won’t be my last. They got me hooked…

Here’s my panorama (it’s big as you can imagine). Yes, it is another iphone picture as you can see but until I get a decent camera like Jim it’ll have to do. You can see him on the right taking much better and higher resolution pictures than me. I’m sure they are nice as he knows photography much better than I do. In time, in time….

1 thought on “I’m all about the panorama’s lately

  • Its crazy that the stupid Iphone can do that… I didn’t take a pano from inside the stadium but I do have one from the top floor of your apartment. As soon as I can compress the 1.36 GB image I will be sure to upload it.

    PS: Galleries from the Timbers game as well as shots of Theo are up. Roll on over to Defunct Productions to check them out!

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