Do follow blog

I’ve decided to make my blog here DoFollow.  I moderate every comment and run Askimet anyway so I feel this is a good move.  It’ll encourage more comments which is something I’d be happy to have. Think going DoFollow isn’t a good idea?  Why?

How 90’s!

I came across this gem of a web site on a web design and search engine optimization forum.    Give it a shot. This site ( got a “10% stuck in the 90’s” because I use gif’s but I can’t agree with calling GIF’s a 90’s trend.  We can all thank Internet Explorer 6 for this! Read more about How 90’s![…]

Internet Explorer 9 and Google Hotpot in Portland

Well I’d like to be putting a review of the new Internet Explorer 9 on here but that’s not going to happen.  For whatever reason the big M isn’t giving me the goods.  Below is a screen shot of me trying furiously (not really)  to download it. I have to admit that it’s quite frustrating.  Read more about Internet Explorer 9 and Google Hotpot in Portland[…]