Internet Explorer 9 and Google Hotpot in Portland

Well I’d like to be putting a review of the new Internet Explorer 9 on here but that’s not going to happen.  For whatever reason the big M isn’t giving me the goods.  Below is a screen shot of me trying furiously (not really)  to download it.

internet explorer 9 problems downloading

I have to admit that it’s quite frustrating.  The big M seems to get these things messed up all the time.  If it’s not a phone update it’s a search engine problem or something else.  I guess my list isn’t that long but  it’s still frustrating.

But I can honestly say I’m not switching teams anytime soon.  There’s no mac fan boy in me at all.  I really don’t like macs.  Take your fruit somewhere else.  I’m sticking with the big M but really if I was to choose one company to really rule it all in the future it would be the big G.  They have it down.  Search. Check!  Free apps and software that worth using. Check! Very cool about open source. Check!  It works. Check!  Good user experience. Check!  Yeah Google I’m talking to you and you guys have it down right.  They even bought me beers last week…. I’m the tall dude in the picture by the way.  Check out hotpot if you’re dwelling in Portland and the free shows soon to be put on by Big G.

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