Big G’s Experimental +1 Feature for Search

The new Google +1 experiment (the blue box and the “You +1’d this” above) looks very familiar to another, big social networking company’s button.  I wonder who? It seems to me that Google is really trying to get in on the “I approve this link or page” deal and that isn’t a bad thing.  Since Read more about Big G’s Experimental +1 Feature for Search[…]


Hey all, So this isn’t a post about the weather in Portland I swear. I found a good web resource for you web designer / developer types out there that would like a little spot to check up on the status of any web site’s information such as search engine info, backlinks, social network listings, Read more about Xinu[…]

Well I finally found the app that I really think works well for posting to all your audio, video, pictures, and txt to social networking websites ie. facebook, wordpress, myspace (ehh), twitter, flickr, and many, many more. is a great app. that seems to work well but he only thing that I find as Read more about[…]