How to make the Trademark, Copyright, or Registered Symbol

To create a Trademark symbol â„¢ on a PC hold down the Alt key while keying in 0153 To create the Registered symbol ® on a PC: hold down the Alt key while typing in 0174 To create the Copyright symbol  ©  on a PC: hold down the Alt key while keying in 0169  

How 90’s!

I came across this gem of a web site on a web design and search engine optimization forum.    Give it a shot. This site ( got a “10% stuck in the 90’s” because I use gif’s but I can’t agree with calling GIF’s a 90’s trend.  We can all thank Internet Explorer 6 for this! Read more about How 90’s![…]

Happy New Year

It’s been a bit so I thought I would wish everyone a Happy New Year! This new year brings a lot of challenges, goals, and some new resolutions. I haven’t figured out them all but a few things I’m looking at for the new year are increasing my knowledge of online marketing. Wow, that’s generic… Read more about Happy New Year[…]