How to make the Trademark, Copyright, or Registered Symbol

To create a Trademark symbol â„¢ on a PC hold down the Alt key while keying in 0153 To create the Registered symbol ® on a PC: hold down the Alt key while typing in 0174 To create the Copyright symbol  ©  on a PC: hold down the Alt key while keying in 0169  

Do follow blog

I’ve decided to make my blog here DoFollow.  I moderate every comment and run Askimet anyway so I feel this is a good move.  It’ll encourage more comments which is something I’d be happy to have. Think going DoFollow isn’t a good idea?  Why?

Well I finally found the app that I really think works well for posting to all your audio, video, pictures, and txt to social networking websites ie. facebook, wordpress, myspace (ehh), twitter, flickr, and many, many more. is a great app. that seems to work well but he only thing that I find as Read more about[…]