Google add’s me to it’s favorite places!?!

Google's Favorite Place

I’m now one of Google’s Favorite Places.  I’m honored!

Well really,  my house is honored as I’m not the Google favorite place, my house / home office  is.  The information that came with the sticker said that “Delusional Designs” had been looked up 1000+ times on Google Local Listings and 78 people have gotten driving directions to it.  Does it count friends that have previously looked up my address to find where I live and how to get over to my place?

Too bad the map on the sticker doesn’t have the real map on it.  It’s a map of San Fransisco.  Weak!

The sticker is a good idea.  It’s double sided with both sides having the weird bar code area.  It’s not really bars but it a little symbol that they are going to use in the future for identification of locations.  You take a picture of the “bar code” and it checks Google for the business listing.   Interesting idea.  I would take it that they are trying to match and outdo the “People love us on Yelp” stickers I see everywhere around town.  I did hear that Google might buy Yelp!

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