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Clients from Hell

May 9th, 2011

Headaches from Clients from Hell

I saw this link on a buddy of mines Facebook page and I thought I would share as it’s too funny!

The site is mostly based on, from what I’ve seen, web design and development but I’m sure it pertains to other industries as well.

Check out to get a few laughs.

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    A cursor, a hand, a pointer… whatever, it’s transparent.

    November 19th, 2010

    I had a hard time finding a transparent cursor for a project (mockup for a website) so I got a sock image but it wasn’t transparent and I couldn’t find one that was. I don’t think that’s cool. So I offer for free the one I made that transparent and I made all the different versions for all you geeks out there.

    Download the PSD, the GIF, and the PNG of the hand cursor.

    Also while doing the research for the post, like any good blogger does before a post, I couldn’t find any history on where and how the pointer (the correct term for the little hand) comes from. I don’t know and couldn’t find out anything that specifically tells me that it was created by a company, person, or whomever. Interesting that for something that’s so common today in our world that we don’t have any history about where it comes from. Atleast none that I can find.

    If anyone reading this has any information about the pointer then drop me a comment or a line via any one of the many options such as email, twitter, facebook, linkedin… I’m kinda curious.

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