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Embed Objects Directly in WordPress

August 28th, 2012

I just saw this feature on the newest version of WordPress so I thought I would share in case anyone missed it.  It’s a great new feature that works with many urls and sources around the web.  Check out the official WordPress page about embeds.

On this old, old blog the content area’s width is very narrow so when I initially put in the link to the twitter post I got a larger then expected response that overflowed to the right sidebar.  It wasn’t what I wanted but no problem as there’s a shortcode to fix this.  Try out [embed width=”100″ height=”100″] … &#91/embed;] when you need to change up the snippet.

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    How to make the Trademark, Copyright, or Registered Symbol

    April 3rd, 2012

    To create a Trademark symbol ™ on a PC

    • hold down the Alt key while keying in 0153

    To create the Registered symbol ® on a PC:

    • hold down the Alt key while typing in 0174

    To create the Copyright symbol  ©  on a PC:

    • hold down the Alt key while keying in 0169


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      Landing page infographic

      October 28th, 2011

      A nice infographic for landing pages. I’ll just leave this here!

      Landing Page Infographic

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        How 90’s!

        May 31st, 2011

        How 90s is your website logo

        I came across this gem of a web site on a web design and search engine optimization forum.    Give it a shot.

        This site ( got a “10% stuck in the 90’s” because I use gif’s but I can’t agree with calling GIF’s a 90’s trend.  We can all thank Internet Explorer 6 for this!   Even Big M has a web site set up to promote the declined use of IE6.

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          Clients from Hell

          May 9th, 2011

          Headaches from Clients from Hell

          I saw this link on a buddy of mines Facebook page and I thought I would share as it’s too funny!

          The site is mostly based on, from what I’ve seen, web design and development but I’m sure it pertains to other industries as well.

          Check out to get a few laughs.

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