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Pickathon 2014

August 29th, 2014

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    Slow loading times on your website?

    November 22nd, 2012


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      All Google Font Directory Fonts – As of 10/2010

      October 28th, 2010

      I’ve been making mockups for my web design business Azunga and recently installed the .ttf’s and .otf’s of Google’s Font Directory. It’s nice to have the fonts installed so you can get a full feel of the mockup. I had to download each one, one by one, but I figured I’d help out and throw up the zip of all of them. I believe they are all open source web fonts so I hope Google or one of the authors doesn’t come knocking on my door.

      Download the font files here.

      Update (2/22/11):  They add new ones all the time.  This is just the ones from 10/2010 and back.  There’s plenty more new ones but it’ll be a bit before I do an update.

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        Bing – This is why I don’t use you!

        September 16th, 2010

        I’m a search engine optimization guy so I don’t discredit Bing at all.  They are another big search company to optimize for and pay attention too.   Buuuuuutttt….  This is annoying.

        I’m looking to add a site to my Bing webmaster tools so I can track it.  Easy enough.  I figure just type in bing.com for the url and then search for webmaster tools.  It should be easy to assume that the first result would be Bing’s Webmaster tools page.  It isn’t.  Here’s my results I got.

        Bing Webmaster tools search on Bing.com

        Bing’s results show me Google’s webmaster tools first?!?  Then the link I expect to be the login or the homepage for Bing’s webmaster tools…

        Link to Bing Webmaster Tools

        The third link on the search engine results page was the above page.  It’s not even where to log into webmaster tools or even sign up for it???? It’s a link to their toolbox?!? And no, when you click on the webmaster tools tab it doesn’t have a log in.

        To Bing,
        When I search Webmaster tools on Bing.com I would appreciate at least a link on the first page to the site to log right into the application.  I think that seems appropriate.


        They are gaining ground but really guys…. Are you trying to get people to use the service and increase the value of your search engine????

        Just my two cents.  Let me know if you think I’m in the wrong or have any comments.  It’s ok, I can take the good, the bad, and the ugly….

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          Ross Island Bridge Pictures in Portland, OR

          August 22nd, 2010

          Ross Island Bridge Picture Panorama from Portland Or

          Ross Island Bridge in Portland OR

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