April 21, 2008


Here is a few links to other sites which I think that you would enjoy. I know I do!

Delusional Designs – The best place to get a website or host yours.

Azunga Marketing, LLC – My web design and search engine optimization (SEO) company in Portland OR.

Craigslist – The global garage sale. Anything and everything is sold here via person to person postings. I’ve had good times and bad times with Craigslist. Just be careful on what you buy, send your information to, or post on there. There are some awesome deals though…

IGoogle – I’m sure you’ve heard of Google but have you heard of iGoogle? iGoogle is a customizable homepage for Google. It’s a great idea and works so well. It uses RSS feeds from your favorite websites and things like local weather, gmail information, movie listings, and a lot more. On mine I have local news channels as well as newspapers to get the newest information on local happenings.
Update: Unfortunately, Igoogle is going to be canned. Google has decided to stop the service in November of 2013 🙁

Facebook – The social website of the social websites. If you don’t have an account yet then it’s probably a matter of time before you break down and get one. There’s now over a billion people signed up!

Twitter – The twitter phenomenon has hit and it’s blowing up right now. Take a look if you haven’t but it feels like Twitter is Facebook but without all the extra stuff. Twitter allows you to update your “status” and allows you to have followers that are updated in real time of what your status is. There’s so many social websites now it’s crazy.

Reddit – The front page of the internet.

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