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Google Drive and My Files

April 24th, 2012

Google Drive Terms of Service Screen Shot

Google just launched their new service called Drive.  There’s a million articles around the web about it so if you want to find out the details search it up.  I was thinking of giving it a go with my files, as you all know I currently use Dropbox, but I started to hear and read about the terms of service.  “Worldwide license to use, host, store, reproduce, modify, create, … such content”.  Ouch!  And if I quit using the service? Ouch again!

I think I’ll be keeping Dropbox but it’ll be fun to try out Google Drive.  If you decide to sign up with Dropbox then get some free extra space (for you and me) with my link.

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    Dropbox! Sweet. Get Extra Space For Free Too.

    February 24th, 2010

    I just signed up for Dropbox.com and it’s a great service. It’s a free (2gb’s of storage) and a paid (plans start at $99 for 50gb’s / month, ouch!) service.  It that allows you to have an online back up of your files and sync them up between computers or with the iphone app they made.  It’s a nice tool if you work across multiple computers such as myself.  I get done my daily work with the design firm I’m with and I stay after to get a few of my own projects done.  Dropbox will allow me to leave my working projects in a Dropbox and make sure that each computer I work on will have the most current version.   It beats carrying around a thumb drive (which I forget half the time) or emailing files all over the place.

    Now I’m writing this post as a cheesy way of trying to get my disk space higher on Dropbox. If you use this link to the dropbox site and sign up both parties (the person signing up and the referrer) get an extra 250mb of space up to 3gb.  Pretty good for a free service that works well.

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