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Another Nice Site I Found

December 17th, 2009

I stumbled upon (no, it’s not from this site and thought I would share. It’s got a lot of cool photo’s, cool designs, and many other cool things. Wow, that was a cool sentence.

Have fun.

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    New pictures of Multnomah Water Falls and the surrounding area

    July 25th, 2009

    Sweeet. A great trip to the many falls surrounding the ever so popular and tourist trap of Mutlnomah Falls. We love visiting and never have a bad time. What’s not to like? A winding road through the forest that leads to many trail heads, beside and along the road water falls, and a peaceful time all out in nature seeing some of the wondrous things it has to offer. <- That kinda sounds cheesy but it's true. It's so nice to have and be able to visit at anytime! This tiny little link will lead you to the pictures and my picture section that is currently “plugged into” flickr. Enjoy! I know I did!

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      Good spam protection.

      July 12th, 2009

      Adwords Activation Email Picked up as Spam by Gmail

      Adwords Activation Email Picked up as Spam by Gmail

      I’m signing up an Adwords account and I find the activation email caught in the spam messages within my Gmail account. That makes sense to me.

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        Vermont Hike to Little River State Park

        June 18th, 2009

        I’m in Vermont, on vacation, staying at my sister’s place. I’ve been seeing some old friends but also meeting up with a lot of my family (my parents, my aunt and uncle, and my cousins) that are staying here as well. We’re in the middle of nowhere so that means a lot of site seeing, hiking, chatting, and good food. What else do you really need? Well actually, my girlfriend being here would be really nice but sometimes you can’t have it all.

        We took a nice hike at Little River Reservoir yesterday and took the historic loop trail which was quite enjoyable. On the trail there was a very old building from I believe the late 1800’s (which I wish I had taken a picture of), some very old cemeteries that are from the early 1800’s, and some plots of old farms with a few remains of old farmhouses. Below is a few shots (again with the iphone pictures) of some sites from the hike.

        Little River Trail Picture 2
        Above is an old headstone from a cemetery that dates back to early 1860. This guy’s name is Zeruah, I believe. This was from the upper cemetery where most of the people buried where 40 to 50 years old.

        Little River Hike Picture 1
        The above picture is a gravestone from 1908. This picture was from the lower cemetery of our history loop that we hiked. This woman lived to be 100 years old. Pretty impressive for back then. The other people in the same cemetery also lived long lives ie. 70 – 80 years old.

        Little River Hike Picture 3
        Above is a picture of a nice, old culvert that went underneath the hiking trail we were on. It’s a nice shot of one of the many streams that we passed by.

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          Short Sand Beach, OR Iphone Panorama (9879 x 980 Pixels)

          April 20th, 2009

          So we took a trip to Short Sand Beach on the Oregon coast. What a great place! I highly recommend visiting if you ever can. One of my favorite beaches I’ve ever been too without a doubt. I snapped off some shots with my trusty Iphone. I know it’s only 2megpx but it’s better then nothing. I’ve gone ahead and uploaded them to my photo album for all to enjoy. I did get to take a panorama as well. I’m really pleased with the outcome especially knowing that it was taken with a camera phone.

          Here’s a panorama of the scene there. It’s much to large to insert into this post but click here to see it . Remember to scroll left and right… It’s big. 13 megs at 9879×980!

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