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Phish at the Gorge on Sat 7/27/13

July 28th, 2013


Here’s some photos from my night at Phish in the Gorge on Saturday (07/27/13).

Click on them for a much larger version!



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    Angels Rest

    October 22nd, 2009

    A panorama from Angels Rest in the Columbia Gorge. I took it with my iphone but make sure to enlarge it as it’s quite big (9000px!). Only one tear in the panorama. Not bad for an almost 360 degree shot taken from a camera phone.

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      I’m all about the panorama’s lately

      May 1st, 2009

      Here is my newest panorama from PGE park in Portland. I checked out a sweet game of soccer there tonight with the Portland Timbers. It was my first semi-pro soccer experience and I can say that it definitely won’t be my last. They got me hooked…

      Here’s my panorama (it’s big as you can imagine). Yes, it is another iphone picture as you can see but until I get a decent camera like Jim it’ll have to do. You can see him on the right taking much better and higher resolution pictures than me. I’m sure they are nice as he knows photography much better than I do. In time, in time….

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        Short Sand Beach, OR Iphone Panorama (9879 x 980 Pixels)

        April 20th, 2009

        So we took a trip to Short Sand Beach on the Oregon coast. What a great place! I highly recommend visiting if you ever can. One of my favorite beaches I’ve ever been too without a doubt. I snapped off some shots with my trusty Iphone. I know it’s only 2megpx but it’s better then nothing. I’ve gone ahead and uploaded them to my photo album for all to enjoy. I did get to take a panorama as well. I’m really pleased with the outcome especially knowing that it was taken with a camera phone.

        Here’s a panorama of the scene there. It’s much to large to insert into this post but click here to see it . Remember to scroll left and right… It’s big. 13 megs at 9879×980!

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