Dropbox! Sweet. Get Extra Space For Free Too.

I just signed up for Dropbox.com and it’s a great service. It’s a free (2gb’s of storage) and a paid (plans start at $99 for 50gb’s / month, ouch!) service.  It that allows you to have an online back up of your files and sync them up between computers or with the iphone app they Read more about Dropbox! Sweet. Get Extra Space For Free Too.[…]

Some links for the day

Here’s a few nice links I stumbled upon (not the website StumbleUpon) today while online. I’m currently teaching myself PHP but every once in a while I need to take a break to grasp all the new knowledge. I usually check out my iGoogle page which is now has Google’s new “What’s Popular” module. It’s Read more about Some links for the day[…]