Internet Explorer 9 and Google Hotpot in Portland

Well I’d like to be putting a review of the new Internet Explorer 9 on here but that’s not going to happen.  For whatever reason the big M isn’t giving me the goods.  Below is a screen shot of me trying furiously (not really)  to download it. I have to admit that it’s quite frustrating.  Read more about Internet Explorer 9 and Google Hotpot in Portland[…]

Happy New Year

It’s been a bit so I thought I would wish everyone a Happy New Year! This new year brings a lot of challenges, goals, and some new resolutions. I haven’t figured out them all but a few things I’m looking at for the new year are increasing my knowledge of online marketing. Wow, that’s generic… Read more about Happy New Year[…]

Google add’s me to it’s favorite places!?!

I’m now one of Google’s Favorite Places.  I’m honored! Well really,  my house is honored as I’m not the Google favorite place, my house / home office  is.  The information that came with the sticker said that “Delusional Designs” had been looked up 1000+ times on Google Local Listings and 78 people have gotten driving Read more about Google add’s me to it’s favorite places!?![…]