The Melting Pot

So I’ve been visiting a website a lot these days  and thought that it would be good to write about it on here and clue anyone else onto it just in case they wanted to learn more about glass blowing and the culture in general. The Melting Pot is a forum that I use to find out random information and resources about lampworking.  I’ll add it to my link page.

Lampworking is the type of glass blowing that I do in which I stand or sit (not usually) in front of a hot oxyacetylene torch that runs at very high temperature. I usually use borosilicate glass which begins to soften around 1510 °F and anneals at around 1050°F in a kiln. There is other types of glass to use with lampworking but it’s borosilicate that I’ve been using and am used to so far.

This (below) is a picture of a borosilicate fish that I blew for my sisters boyfriend for Christmas.

I have more glass to look at on my Gallery page. My roommate took photos of me recently blowing glass but he’s been lazy with getting them to me to post on here. Soon (if I can motivate him)!

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