4 thoughts on “The new puppy at home (still no name)

  • Glad to see someone is actually checking out my blog / twitter / facebook… I guess they are all meshed together these days…

    Hope all is well with you Greg. How’s the East?

  • Very cute pup… How are you Woody? It’s been a while.. Hope all is well. Might be up in that area this summer.
    What have you been up too?

  • Ah yes… Theodore is cute. He’s a bundle of energy one minute, crapping the next, and sleeping the other. Tough life…

    I have been ridiculously busy with life. Searching and soon moving to a new place with the gf and a friend, new puppy, searching for a job (ouch right now), a bunch of freelance work (good and bad), and more but I’ll keep it clean on here. 🙂 It’s certainly busy and hectic but Portland is a great place to be and right now I don’t think I’d want to be anywhere else. People are cool, it’s a bigger but cheaper Burlington, and instead of one Church Street there’s basically a few dozen different neighborhoods that are all different in their own way. Just have to get used to the city livin’.

    How are you doing? I hope well. Vail is the place to kick this time of year. How is it treating you? Still getting in tons of days of skiing? If you do make it up to this locale for sure hit me up and I’ll show you some decent spots and you’ll surely have a place to crash if need be.

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