Google PR Update (June 27, 2011)

Google Page Rank Update

Google just updated their PR today!

  • What does this mean for web site owners?

Nothing at all! If you’re running a web site it’s a nice indication that you’re going in the right direction as Google surely won’t be giving increased page rank to sites which it doesn’t like or are doing things incorrectly.

  • Does the update mean that my site will be found more on Search Engine Results Pages (SERP’s)?

Nope.  Still the same SERP’s for your site!

  • What if my site dropped?!?!

You’re screwed.  Hahah.  Just kidding.  It’s an indication that something isn’t being done right, the site got hit by the Panda update, links to the site got removed, the site changed enough to bring the rankings down, or Google just doesn’t like you!  (That last part probably isn’t true but ya never know!)  The best way to fix problems is to go through the site (content, navigation, images, multimedia, internal links, code), the links pointing to the site, and anything else relating to the web site to make sure the content is unique and written with quality in mind, the back links are still there or from good sources that aren’t part of a bad neighborhood, and really fine tune any tags, code, content, images, site maps, and literally anything else on the site to make sure it’s all in tip top shape.


I’m happy to report that every site (35+ web sites) of mine (and my clients) all went up in PageRank!!!  I’m sure it has something to do with my insane SEO skills.

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